Pressure Washing

If pressure washing services are something that you need across Swansea and beyond, give us a call. With access to the latest pressure washers, we can tackle even the toughest of stains on your driveway, patio, walls and more.

No matter your needs, let us know and we can offer our services to you.

What We Will Clean

There are a number of surfaces that we can tackle with our pressure washing equipment, and some of these include:

Driveway Cleaning

Driveways often undergo the most use on your property. They may suffer with tyre marks, oil, grease and more, as well as the general build-up of algae and other organic matter. Typically, driveways are situated on hills, and so over time they can become a skidding or slipping hazard.

Our pressure washing services are the ideal way to keep your driveway not only free from organic matter, but also looking their best. We can remove tough stains and also remove weeds, leaving your driveway immaculate and like new.

Patios, Walls & More

Other areas of your outdoor space such as patios, pathways, walls and more, can also greatly benefit from being pressure washed. Similar to driveways, over time patios will also suffer with the same organic matter growth, weeds and more, making them look not only unsightly, but also creating hazards; decking also has the same issue.

We can tackle your walls, pathways, steps, patios, and more, keeping them looking and functioning as they should.

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