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At JK Gardening Services, we deliver practical solutions that bring out the best in outdoor spaces. We specialise in hard landscaping, providing customers in the Bromley area with paving, driveway and patio services which include all excavation requirements and ground preparation work. For the soft landscaping elements around your property, our company offers a complete turfing service. Fencing constructions can also be accommodated.


Garden maintenance is also undertaken by JK Gardening Services. While we are best-known in the Bromley area for our expertise in hard landscaping, our landscapers and gardeners can also assist with lawn, plant and hedge maintenance by request. We are here to bring out the best in your garden space during any season with the complete landscaping service.


Hard Landscaping


Most modern gardens have hard landscaping elements, which give form and structure to outdoor space by blending in with the surrounding soft landscaping features. It is best to describe hard landscaping as the design and integration of permanent elements. These can include driveways, patios, pathways, walls, steps, fencing and decking.



DRIVEWAY AND PATIO SERVICES – Like all good hard landscaping companies, we provide customers in the Bromley area with paving, driveway and patio services. Using a wide choice of materials, including flagstones, patterned imprinted concrete and block paving, JK Gardening Services can produce stylish finishes that boost kerb appeal and increase overall property value. Excavation and groundwork aspects are dealt with by our own landscapers.


Other companies in and around Bromley hire in third-party contractors to deal with their excavation and groundwork requirements. By managing entire projects from start to finish, our paving, driveway and patio services ensure professional installations to specified depths. Only premium quality surfacing materials and the best choice of aggregates are used.



FENCING SERVICES – Many of our customers in the Bromley area come to us for fencing services because they want more privacy when using their gardens. Others want to improve security around their homes. Whatever your personal reasons might be, we can construct fencing anywhere in the Bromley area using your preferred choice of panels, posts or gates.


Close-board, feathered-edge and lap-panel fencing are among our most popular constructions but we can also erect decorative styles including picket and trellis fencing. For rural properties near Bromley, our company can even construct post-and-rail fencing.



DECKING – Perfect for properties with sloped gardens, or for outdoor space where a particular landscaping theme is required, garden decking provides a high-end finish with a rustic charm of its own. Choose between hardwood and softwood decking for your Bromley property, or opt for one of today’s more versatile styles in the form of composite decking.


Garden decking can be erected to create an inviting social or relaxation area using pressure-treated materials which result in fewer maintenance requirements for our customers.


Soft Landscaping


Soft landscaping refers to work on the changing elements in your garden. In most cases, these will be vegetative features such as grass, plants, hedges and trees. While soft landscaping is more of a secondary service for our company, we understand that many homeowners in Bromley will want hard and soft landscaping provided by a single company.



TURFING – Lawn care is one of our many speciality services. We are proud to be regarded as the professional choice for turfing in Bromley, and our gardeners always use the best quality materials for superior bedding and integration. Our team undertakes clearance and preparation work in-house to ensure all turfing projects are finished to perfection.


A well-kept lawn will always be the centrepiece of a great garden. By choosing our company for any turfing requirements you may have, exceptional property kerb appeal is assured.



GARDEN MAINTENANCE – When undertaking general upkeep and garden maintenance work in Bromley, our landscapers work tidily and treat your property with the respect it deserves. Our attention to detail results in stunning garden spaces which look inspirational during all four seasons. Contact us now to discuss your garden maintenance needs.


We provide garden maintenance services in and around Bromley on a one-off, periodical or contract basis so that domestic and commercial customers can enjoy elegant, tranquil and functional outdoor areas which require less day-to-day care.

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For decking, paving, driveway and patio services in Bromley from reputable local landscapers, call JK Gardening Services on 020 8464 3795.